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I am Walt Lysinger, and this is my personal web site. Neither I nor the web site are associated with any other individual or organization. I have had it for probably close to ten years, just some place to mess around. It's handy because I can have virtually an unlimited number of e-mail addresses that I can set up and take down at will. I find this handy, but that's just me.

If anyone gets here as the result of "googling" the name Lysinger and hopes to find genealogically significant information, I'm afraid I don't have much to offer. What is here feel free to browse, particularly if you know me or think you might have known me. Mainly I have posted a 'personal history' and a resume.

An older version of the "home page", posted earlier, is still available, but the information and web links are mostly outdated.

Walt's personal information -

Anyone who is curious about the personal history of Walt Lysinger can read about it over there, along with a resume that describes what Walt did all those years.

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You are invited to comment on the site and its contents, or anything else,  by e-mail to: walt@lysinger.com

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