Time to pay up!!!!


Bellwood Sportsmen's is a private organization and the facilities are for members use only.

In case you forgot, or never knew, the regular dues at the Bellwood Sportsmen's Association, Inc. are $10.00 per year, and the membership year runs from October 1st until the next September 30th. It does not run one year from when you join or pay the latest year's dues. Therefore, if you pay right now, you will be paid up until September 30th, 2001. And, unless you are a Life Member, if you don't pay by the first of October, you aren't a member. As a note of interest, you can view the membership demographics by clicking here.

Starting this year, a computer list will show which persons are paid through September 2001, as well as the membership card number. If the person is paid up, he will be on the list; if not, he won't be. The options are then pay the dues, or don't shoot. It's only fair - the rest of us pay to use the ranges. See the Caretaker or any officer of the club to pay your dues and get your new card. Also, Paul McCaulley has membership cards at his barber shop on Main Street; get a haircut and pay your dues all in one visit.

If a person is under 16 years of age, the Junior dues are $3.00.

For information about Life Memberships, ask at the club, or call (814) 742-9497.