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Back home again, in good old Pennsylvania -----

After spending time in the military and working in the computer field (the curious can see a resume), I have come back to the place where I pretty much grew up, and near where my families are located. I say families, because I was raised by foster parents in Blair county where my natural family lived. I graduated from Bellwood-Antis High School, class of 1952.

But back to the subject of the page - I promised myself that I would not presume that all of the visitors to this site would like to hear my history, so I have placed it "off-page", where it can be accessed by clicking on this Personal History link.

The Bellwood Sportsmen's Association

(Click the picture to go to the Sportsmen's Page)

The job doesn't pay much, but - it's the only one I could get!

Let me tell about the main activity in my life, working, with my faithful Springer companion Cody, as Caretaker for the Bellwood Sportsmen's Association, Inc. Bellwood Sportsmen's is an organization, and a facility, that has been in existence since 1933, with a membership that has grown and diminished from time to time, but currently stands at about 365 members. To read about this interesting organization, its history, its facilities, and directions to get there, just click here.

Links to other places

Every interesting Web site has links to wherever the webmaster imagines are of interest to the visitors; this site is no different. A lot of these are related to the sportsmens' interest; some are just for fun.

Pennsylvania Game Commission - Lots of good hunting and related information.

Hunter-Trapper Education schedule: Blair County, Cambria County, Centre County, Clearfield County.

Pennsylvania Boat and Fish Commission

National Rifle Association

Joel Etchen Guns - An excellent gun site with more good links.

Fulton Armory - An excellent site, with great information on service rifles and the Defense Civilian Marksmen (DCM) program.

Internet Movie Database - Look up who was in that great movie!

Bland's Park - A great place for everybody, but especially kids!

Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum - Learn or recall the story of the Pennsylvania Railroad, the men and women who ran it, and the city that was built for it.

Horsehoe Curve National Historical Landmark - An Altoona, PA engineering marvel to get railroads across the mountains. Great for train watchers.

www.smith-wesson.com - The famous firearms manufacturer.

Read about some of those favorite myths and legends - www.urbanlegends.com

Some information about quack medicines and theories - www.quackwatch.com

A movie about the Veitnam conflict - www.returnwithhonor.com

Check out www.about.com




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