BAHS Class of '52

At a BAHS Class of '52 got together, around October of 1997, I think it was, I more or less (more!) volunteered to set up some Web-based information for us class survivors, and now I am working at it.

The BAHS Alumni Association had a year 2000 reunion for alumni from all years the day of the Bellwood Community Picnic. Our class is looking forward to our 50th (Golden?) reunion in 2002. So, I will be putting out on this page what is revealed to me about the reunion, along with contact information for both the "computer literate" and the normal people. As usual most of the brainwork is being taken care of by others; I am merely an instrument of their efforts. I promise to keep this page updated as material is made available to me, and I invite and encourage all to send e-mail to me at . My phone number is (814) 742-8038 and my address is 307A Bellview Avenue, Bellwood, PA 16617.

Like most web content providers, I don't know what kind of information each of you would like to have on the Web, so if and when you correspond with me, let me know if anything is to be kept from the public eye. Personally I am happy to have my address, phone number and e-mail address on record, but that's just me. Let me know. Incidentally, how would you all like to see the photo of the last get-together at the Vet's on Main Street? I can scan it in and see how it looks, although it may take a little time to download.

One thing we would like to accomplish is to relocate some "missing persons" - classmates whom we haven't heard from since forever. Either step up and reveal yourselves, or give me names to put here "in search of". Example - does anyone know the whereabouts of Donovan Miller?

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