Membership demographics

I thought some of you might be interested in the makeup of the current membership regarding type of membership, and where the members reside.

To determine this information, I have developed a database of the membership information provided on the cards filled out whenever a membership is paid. The first year the database contained the expiration of the current membership; this year it includes the membership card number and the expiration date of September, 2001. Thus, when a member pays dues and is already a member, I just check that the personal data is still current, change the expiration date to 2001, and enter the card number. If the person is not in the database, I enter the complete information from the card.

I have in the past asked range users if they were members, and was told that they had "left their card at home"; starting in October I can get their name and check the printout of the data to see if they are paid up.

The numbers -----

Membership as of April 17th, 2000

Total membership on record 494
Number of life members 80
Regular members 404
Junior Members 10
Renewed for 2000 311
Have not renewed yet 103

Residential demographics

State of Pennsylvania 472
Altoona addresses 184
Bellwood addresses 135
Tyrone addresses (all) 109
All other Pennsylvania 44
State of Indiana 1
State of New Jersey 1
State of Ohio 2
State of Virginia 1
State of West Virginia 1

Information compiled and published by Walt Lysinger.on September 25th, 2000