Range Rules

All shooters are encourage to read, and are required to adhere to, the following Range Rules, which are conspicuously displayed at numerous places on the shooting range.

1. All firearms must be unloaded and either cased or have the actions open when not in actual use.

2. Firearms are not to be handled while any persons are down range. Actions must be opened and/or box magazines removed.

3. Muzzles must be pointed down range when on firing line and during loading.

4. There must be no cross-range firing.

5. There is to be no shooting at any explosive targets, cans, bottles, shotgun shells, buckets, chairs, or any other range equipment. Paper targets must be used, of proper size, and posted on a single, club-erected backer board.

6. All metallic silhouette targets are for handgun gun use only, not to be fired upon with rifles of any caliber.

7. Shotgun shells must not be fired on the target ranges. This includes shot shell from rifles and pistols, due to the amount of damage to the target support materials on the range. Shotgun Patterning may be done using the skid (palette) at the left side of trap range number 1.

8. When shooting is completed, brass is to be policed, and targets removed from frames, and disposed of in appropriate trash containers.

9. Absolutely no intoxicants or intoxicated persons are permitted on any range.

10. There will be no shooting of any caliber before 8:00 in the morning.