Resume of
Walter T. Lysinger

Summary of Qualifications

More than 35 years experience in software development, technical management, project management, technical training development and presentation, methodology development, quality assurance, software testing, configuration management, verification and validation, system documentation and customer interface.

Areas of Experience

Web development Visual Basic development
Technical Training Course Development
Structured Methodologies Requirements Definition
Technical Management Software Quality Assurance
Project Management CASE tools
Verification and Validation Testing
Metrics Standards and Procedures

Education and Training

More than four years of undergraduate study in Engineering, Production Management and Business Management. Attended Mars Hill (North Carolina) College; University of Arizona; University of Maryland (Europe); Jones College, Jacksonville, Florida.

Extensive technical training in - -

Structured Analysis; Structured Design; CASE tools

Joint Application Development (JAD)

Project Planning and Control

Structured Software Testing

COBOL, FORTRAN PL/I and Assembly language programming

Quality Assurance

Instructor Training

Management Fundamentals


Proposal Writing

PC word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation applications.

Employment History

Self employed August 1997 to present
MCI Telecommunications April 1993 to August 1997
Computer Sciences Corporation June 1989 to April 1993
Computer Technology Corporation September 1988 to May 1989
Independent Consultant April 1988 to September 1988
Grumman Melbourne Systems February 1987 to March 1988
Grumman Data Systems September 1985 to January 1987
Yourdon Consulting Group July 1984 to September 1985
Computer Sciences Corporation August 1969 to July 1984
United States Army (ADP) June 1960 to July 1969

References available upon request

Work Experience

Lysinger Consulting (August 1997 - present)

Upon retirement from MCI, I was given the opportunity to continue with my training activities as an independent contractor, and as such, presented numerous technical seminars on the subject of Software Inspections at various MCI locations. This required me to incorporate, which I did in the State of Colorado.

MCI Telecommunications (April 1993 - August 1997)

Instructor, assigned to the Knowledge Services group. In this assignment, developed, revised and utilized training materials to train software development personnel. Subjects included Structures Analysis, Structured Design, Structured Reviews, Software Inspections, Data Modeling, Process Modeling, Requirements Elicitation and Specification, Requirements Management, JAD/Facilitated Sessions, Excelerator II CASE tool.

Computer Sciences Corporation (February 1991 - April 1993)

Software Engineer, assigned to the management staff for the Uniform Applications Department of the NASA Johnson Space Center Applications and Analysis Support (AAS) Contract. Duties include development and presentation of training for the NASA Automated Information Management (AIM) life cycle including methodology overview, structured analysis, structured design and data modeling. Participated in the AIM life cycle methodology development, evaluation and selection of a CASE tool, and the development of operational procedures. In support of the TQM program, member of Process Action Team for unit code and test, informal and formal integration test activities

Test Director, responsible for formal system testing for five institutional applications projects. Duties included test documentation and materials development and maintenance, scheduling, test execution, results validation and materials control. Developed procedures for preparing test materials and for conducting testing, validation of test results and reporting status to management.

Computer Sciences Corporation (June 1989 - February 1991)

Quality Assurance Specialist on the Royal Saudi C3I Peace Shield Project, responsible for review and control of the Formal Qualification Test (FQT) test procedures. Coordinated all revisions to test procedures, obtained written concurrence by customer representatives, and maintained hard-copy audit trail of all revisions to procedures. Scheduled and moderated walkthroughs of all formal test procedures. Formally observed internal dry-run testing, and witnessed and certified the execution of assigned sessions of FQT.

Computer Technology Corporation (September 1988 - May 1989)

Director for Software Engineering, responsible for all proposal and bid materials relating to software engineering and training services, including life cycle methodologies and structured development techniques, including use of CASE tools. Responsible for review of all proposal materials pertaining to structured techniques and training and curriculum development, including cost estimation.

Independent Consultant (April 1988 - September 1988)

Independent Consultant. Primarily represented a software engineering/productivity firm, assisting clients in developing a structured methodology and training curriculum. Reviewed and revised technical course materials and prepared new materials to be added to curriculum. Prepared and presented seminars in Structured Analysis, Structured Design, Software Quality Assurance and related topics. Acting in a Facilitator role, assisted client company in developing a structured model, using Yourdon techniques, for a major new development effort. Participated in that client's development of a corporate system development methodology.

Grumman Melbourne Systems (February 1987 - March 1988)

Senior Systems Designer assigned to Methodology Group, specializing in Structured Analysis and Structured Design techniques. In a QA support role, developed standards and guidelines for performing and evaluating products of structured development. Reviewed and commented on structured products. In a methodologies and training role, developed training materials and conducted formal and informal training sessions for technical staff. Assisted and tutored on a one-on-one basis in developing structured specifications. In an analysis role, participated in the development of a logical structured model of the developmental system.

Grumman Data Systems (October 1986 - January 1987)

Senior Systems Designer. Performed structured analysis to determine and document the requirements for an automated test system for a major developer of aircraft and industrial engines in the United Kingdom. Employed a combination of techniques for collecting requirements definitions, and developed a structured specification, including Data Flow Diagrams and Entity-Relationship Diagrams, for a test and data reduction system. After receiving training in Grumman proposal writing, participated in a major proposal effort.

Grumman Data Systems (September 1985 - September 1986)

Senior Systems Designer. Performed structured analysis and design for a modeling and
simulation project using a development methodology based on Yourdon techniques. In
support of the U.S. Marine Corps requirement to estimate the time required to
withdraw war materials in support of force deployment, modeled the processing units
of a logistics depot. The model simulated the physical processing of materiel
through the depot. Determined functional requirements through tours and interviews
at various locations of differing supply levels, and developed the model in the form
of a structured specification.

Yourdon Consulting Group (July 1984 - September 1985)

Senior Staff Consultant. Performed structured analysis and structured design in support of military logistics system development effort. Assisted project members in Yourdon structured techniques and methods, and developed standards for evaluating structured specifications. Established a Quality Assurance program, and authored a Documentation Standard, Publications Style Manual and Quality Assurance Plan and Procedures. Member of team to develop a life-cycle methodology based on structured disciplines. Developed procedures for structured walkthroughs, reviews, audits and testing to carry out validation and verification functions. Provided consulting support and tutoring on Yourdon Structured Analysis and Structured Design techniques.

Computer Sciences Corporation (August 1969 - July 1984)

Manager of Quality Assurance and System Test Department of a project calling for modification and installation of packaged vendor software for the Saudi Arabian Petroleum Ministry. Authored QA/CM Plan and Procedures Manual. Responsible for development of all Test Plans and Procedures. Developed procedures and forms for, and was a member of, the Technical Advisory Board to resolve development issues and approve changes to configuration-controlled items.

Remote Site Project Manager at U.S. European Command, Stuttgart, Germany. Established and managed remote site office, providing system engineering and technical assistance to the military Program Manager for MINET, an ARPANET-based packet switched network to track movement of materiel into and within the European Theater. Developed system development plans, test plans, and requests for communications circuits, and assisted in organizing and conducting briefings and conferences. Reviewed and provided comments on deliverables from other contractors, and maintained official contact and mailing lists for the user community.

Quality Assurance Specialist, Flensburg, Germany. Assigned to a military command and control system development project for the West German Navy. Developed standards for structured design and structured programming, data center users' guides, and data center operating procedures. Instructed and assisted staff in the use of IBM-MVS facilities. Participated in preparation for requirements validation through use of System Verification Diagrams.

Project Manager for conversion of a public utility-owned data center from an RCA SPECTRA 70 to IBM 370. Established and managed remote site office, directed activities of four on-site personnel and 15-20 personnel operating in remote RJE environment. Participated in technical activities as well as day-to-day formal and informal customer interface. Was responsible for schedule and budget maintenance and reporting, and employee performance and salary reviews.

Systems Analyst for an energy management and control system (EMCS), responsible for analysis, design and coding for process control software functions required to control energy-consuming equipment.

Section Manager for a project with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to design, develop and implement the Central Flow Control (CFC) function to regulate the arrivals and departures of flights to and from pacing airports. Responsible for Executive Monitor and Data Base Management software development. Section activities included adapting an existing Monitor (Operating System) and its associated adaptation table data for CFC use, and development of additional functionality as required. Management duties included normal planning, scheduling and progress tracking, as well as staff reviews and appraisals. During final phase of development was responsible for the scheduling, reviewing and tracking of project deliverables.

Manager of Systems Programming section consisting of 12-15 persons. Performed operating system maintenance, user aid (Help Station), trouble shooting and utility programming, including performance measurement and workload analysis for a major military command center. Performed maintenance for IBM and Honeywell operating system software. As Systems Programmer, performed maintenance of IBM OS/MVT, CP/67 and CMS, and a mainframe-to-mainframe data link and remote job entry system. Taught classes to CSC and customer personnel on Job Control Language, dump reading and related topics.

Additional Work Experience

United States Army (1960 - 1969)

Senior Programming Specialist. Held a number of assignments, including instructor and software development using FORTRAN, COBOL and Assembly Language programming. Instructor of ADPS Programming in U.S Army ADP school. Programming responsibilities were primarily system maintenance of major command supply system, and later development of management reporting programs. As senior enlisted member, performed NCOIC duties, responsible for on-and-off duty performance and conduct of assigned personnel.Twice received Army Commendations for development of innovative systems in support of critical operations.

United States Naval Reserves (1972 - 1980)

Chief Data Processing Technician (CPO). Held a variety of assignments in systems and applications programming. In particular, developed a suite of programs to perform data reduction of IBM operating system accounting data to support analysis of resource utilization of a U.S. Navy computer installation. The resulting reports were used by the Navy Auditing Service to assign system parameters, system priorities, job-class assignments and to evaluate hardware and software enhancements. Also participated in a large conversion effort to rehost a COBOL-language system to another main-frame. Acted as system programming technician to control and maintain software libraries, and to assist programmers in Job Control, utility and problem analysis and correction. Was responsible for conduct and performance of junior enlisted personnel.

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